Friday, October 16, 2009

you disgust me

Couple of follow-ups (follows-up? I dunno) to the previous posts which may be of interest:
  • Ralph Lauren have taken the criticism of the doctored Filippa Hamilton photo on board and have responded in a measured and sensitive manner by....firing Filippa Hamilton for being too fat. Just as an experiment I fed the figures (5 feet 10 inches, 120 pounds) quoted in that article into an online Body Mass Index calculator, and it returned a calculated BMI of 17.2. So it's true, she is a BIG FAT HEIFER.
  • In response to being threatened following the initial blog post, Photoshop Disasters have dug up another alarming-looking Ralph Lauren advert from the archives.
  • In a related story, Karl Lagerfeld offers us the benefit of his considered opinion on the skinny models question, presumably having come to the conclusion that being a freakish wizened 76-year-old gay man in black leather fingerless gloves makes him some sort of expert on what makes a woman desirable. And his opinion is, basically, if you have any objection to the use of skinny models then you're just jealous and you should shut your big fat sweaty disgusting gob, pie-face, and for God's sake stay indoors on the sofa where no-one can see you, you disgusting wobbly oaf.
  • The Daily Mash has the latest on the Trafigura affair, and in particular the legal furore following "its decision to hose down some Africans with a big boat full of shit".

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