Monday, October 26, 2009

music list of the day

Songs that have repetitive codas (varying from the brief-ish to the interminable) that, on the whole, they'd be better off without.

SongArtistProper bitCodaTotal
Accidents Will HappenElvis Costello and the Attractions2:130:473:00
Hide And SeekImogen Heap3:231:064:29
LaylaDerek and the Dominos3:103:557:05
Hey JudeThe Beatles3:093:557:04

Things to note:
  • Accidents Will Happen is one of Costello's best songs, but the animated video is pretty dated and horrible. The starker (and no doubt cheaper) ones like Pump It Up have aged better.
  • Here's a live acoustic version of Insomniac from 2009 (the original was from 1994), which I link to less for the quality of the performance (the sound is pretty shitty) than to demonstrate that Sonya Madan is still absolutely lovely even 15 years on.
  • The inclusion of Hey Jude might be a bit controversial, but, come on, it would be an even better song if they all just shut up after 3-and-a-bit-minutes and skipped all the na-na-na-na-ing, wouldn't it?
  • Note the spooky similarities between Hey Jude and Layla in terms of timings - the coda bits are exactly the same length (and longer than the "proper" song in both cases). Note also that in the case of Layla the coda seems to have been parachuted in from a completely different (and slightly rubbish) song.

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