Thursday, October 22, 2009

warsi versus nazi

In the light of the decision to allow fat odious racist buffoon Nick Griffin to appear on BBC Question Time tonight and the storm of media commentary surrounding it, let me offer you another quote, this one from the late Linda Smith:
I don't want to give them the oxygen of publicity. I don't even want to give them the oxygen of oxygen.
I believe that was originally offered in relation to Neil and Christine Hamilton, but it works equally well here. I should qualify all this by saying I think it was probably the right decision to allow Griffin to appear, but regrettable that his loathsome party have acquired enough of a platform to make it necessary to consider the question at all. A cogently-argued alternative view can be found here.

As always the Daily Mash captures the mood of the nation - the huge TV audience the show will no doubt attract won't be people keen to see democracy in action or people taking a genuine interest in the BNP's policies, it'll be people hoping Griffin comes on in full Nazi regalia and starts denying the Holocaust or calling Baroness Warsi a Paki on live TV.


The Black Rabbit said...

I hope it'll be the best (and worst) question time ever - and I've got my seat well and truly booked on the sofa I'm afraid.
PS - left my phone at work, but please inform H that I will give her a bell over the weekend at some point (if she's not working over the entire weekend) to talk such rock n roll subjects as Gigabytes, RAM and processor speeds for CS4 and LR2.
Wild stuff...

By the way, the word verification box below my comment asked me to type in "Chavfuch".


electrichalibut said...

Yeah, I'm probably not going to be able to resist watching, just to see if anyone sneaks a gun into the studio and pops a cap in his ass halfway through a question.

CS4 and LR2, riiiiight. Don't forget Fun Boy 3 and the Dave Clark 5 as well. And S Club 7.

The Black Rabbit said...

and Heaven 17.
and level forty-spoil.

electrichalibut said...

And Haircut 100. I'll get me coat.

The Black Rabbit said...

As for the programme itself - a bit of a wasted opportunity I think.

When the only REAL question of any interest arose, i.e. has the BNP gained support recently because of(at least in part) an ignorance of strong immigration control policy by the government, Jack Straw basically ignored the question and then just made up nonsense, Warzi was full of good cliches but little else of any substance.
A panel full of wets with a very easy target to take apart. A shame, like I say, but very predictable.

Of course, Griffin is despicable, but I wish, for example, George Galloway and David Starkey (despicable in their own ways, but always fun to watch) were on the panel last night along with Griffin!

Now that would have been worth watching!

electrichalibut said...

Well, that's interesting, because I thought the immigration question was the least interesting bit - the first half of the programme where they pinned Griffin down on his holocaust denial and links with the KKK and various other extremist groups was quite interesting, though it's a bit like shooting fish in a barrel. The notion that there's any point engaging in a serious discussion about the subtleties of immigration policy with these goons is a red herring, I think.

And they gave Sayeeda Warsi an easy ride over her previously expressed views on homosexuality, presumably out of an understandable desire to keep putting the boot into Griffin.

The Black Rabbit said...

"Interesting" you found my comment about the "interesting question", "interesting", because at the time you actually found it the "least interesting" bit...

Ya get me?

electrichalibut said...

aaaaannnnd rest.