Friday, October 02, 2009

knuckle down for a cracking performance worthy of a joint award

The 2009 Ig Nobel prizes were awarded this week, a week or so in advance of the "real" Nobel prizes. Interesting as those are, you seldom hear of people getting a "proper" Nobel for describing homosexual necrophilia in mallards as the 2003 Biology prize winner did (full article in PDF format is here), nor for giving jet-lagged hamsters Viagra as the 2007 Aviation award winners did.

The 2009 awards include the strange case of Prawo Jazdy, Ireland's worst driver, and also something to delight and vindicate the world's compulsive knuckle-crackers (me, for instance) - evidence that cracking your knuckles doesn't necessarily give you arthritis. The full list of winners from previous years has much comedy value to commend it as well.

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