Thursday, October 11, 2007

recent visitors - scum, mainly

The more observant of you will have noticed the little web counter at the top right of the page - and also that the page now takes slightly longer to load. Sorry about that, but it's because I've installed some software from StatCounter which logs visitor activity, including where they came from. And this is all quite interesting when you look at the "Keyword Analysis" to see what people have been putting into search engines to end up here. Top answers include:

some combination of "muddy funster" / "harry enfield muddy funster" / "muddy funster enfield" leading to this post
"david skrela's wife's name" - absolutely no idea how this one found it's way in; presumably to one of these two rugby-related posts
"willard price clam death" leading to my tangentially whaling-related post here
"terry eagleton dawkins hensher" leading inexorably towards yesterday's rantings
"victoria coren posh totty" leading to my feverish pantings here
"kate ashfield" - leading to my mildly feverish pantings here
"saxondale incidental music" - clearly someone who didn't recognise Hocus Pocus by Focus
"j.p.chenet world cup merlot 1997" - no idea what this person was looking for, but they found this bizarre rant about funny-shaped wine bottles


The Black Rabbit said...

YOU didn't recognise Hocus Pocus by Focus when I first played it to you...
So don't you get all uppity on us.
Yeeeeahhh boyeeeeeeee.

electrichalibut said...

A little bit of finely tooled irony hand-crafted just for you. Glad you spotted it.

The Black Rabbit said...

By the way, I watched my first episode of Saxondale the other night.
'twere GREAT!

There's more.
Anna kindly bought me the first two series of "A bit of Fry and Laurie" on DVD this week - like your good self, m'colleague.
I'd forgotten that they seem to have a fetish for not only Uttoxeter (DAMN!) but also, curiously enough - High Wycombe.
I'd forgotten that.
(I assume, like most people, they dislike it).

electrichalibut said...

I like Saxondale. I still managed to miss almost all of series 2 though.

I like the Aussie soap sketch in (I think) the very first episode of ABOF&L. Can't remember if the two DVDs you've got had the "rude words in court" sketch (remember "smuctating them avially"?) but that's a good one too.