Friday, August 31, 2007

incidental music spot of the day

Hocus Pocus by Focus over the closing credits of the new series of Saxondale. I haven't seen any of the second series beyond the 5 minutes plus credits I saw last night, but I thought the first series was quite good. Certainly above Tony Ferrino and Dr. Terrible's House Of Horrible on Steve Coogan's CV, though below the mighty Partridge of course. Refresh your memory here.

As for the song - well, it's nice to look back on those halcyon days (1973 in fact) when an instrumental built around a driving rock guitar riff broken up by occasional random passages of yodelling, flute-playing and spouting of strange Goonish gibberish can be a hit single (#20 in the UK, #9 in the US). Ah, more innocent times. Well, they were for me anyway, though to be fair I was only three at the time.


The Black Rabbit said...

I thought Dr.Terrible's House of Horrible was really good! I haven't watched Saxondale though. At all.

electrichalibut said...

It wasn't bad, and I quite liked the lesbian vampire one, but only because you got to see Ronni Ancona's arse, albeit briefly. Luckily briefly was all I needed.