Wednesday, October 17, 2007

celebrity encounter of the day

Robert Glenister at the next checkout in Sainsbury's at Clifton Down. Maybe they're filming Hustle in Bristol or something. Didn't run into Robert Vaughn in the pizza aisle though.


Anonymous said...

maybe you would have preferred to see that brunette Stacie (can't remember what her real name is) bending over in the fresh fruit aisle. Or maybe she doesn't tickle your fancy.

electrichalibut said...

Yes, there's a whole world of melons/buns/pie/kipper quips available there, I should think. I only went with Robert Vaughn 'cos I could remember the old get's name.

Although it must be said that the brunette is in possession of what we metrosexual urban sophisticates call a "three cock gob".

electrichalibut said...

Her name is Jaime Murray, and her father is Billy Murray who played various gangsteresque types in The Bill and EastEnders, showbiz fans.