Tuesday, October 16, 2007

anyone hungry?

Well, you may not be after reading this interesting article. Maggot-infested cheese anyone?

There's a couple more which may be of interest as well - think of them as possible accompaniments to the stuff the guy at Weird Meat eats. "Hermaphrodite frog guts" is the latest one, if you're interested. Get a load of these:
  • Surstr√∂mming - yes, it's those crazy Scandinavians and their fish-fermenting antics again. These are herring.
  • Sannakji - more seafood, this time baby octopus from Korea. Chopped up and stuck in a bowl, still twitching, and then dunked in a bit of sauce and eaten. Check out these videos.
  • Ortolan - cute little birdies. Look at their pretty yellow feathers. Then - as the French do - catch one, take it home, poke out its eyes, force-feed it, drown it in armagnac, and then eat it. Whole. Technically this is just a little bit illegal these days, but the French still do it. Oh, and so does Jeremy Clarkson.
  • Huitlacoche - what's for tea, ma? Why, it's hideously infected fungally tumourous sweetcorn, little Johnny - your favourite. You can gnaw it directly off the plant, or you can get it in tins down your local Mexican supermarket. Great!
After all that, I could do with a nice cup of coffee. Ideally one made with beans that have been eaten and then shat out by a small tree-climbing mammal. Mmmmm.

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Anonymous said...

that really is grim - thought I hada varied diet but this is crazy!