Thursday, October 25, 2007

I say, you fellows....'s a topping jape: collect search strings that Googlise your blog as the top entry on the list.

Obviously extra points are awarded for the comicalness of the juxtaposition of the words in the search string (and for the degree of difficulty involved - obviously the less words in the string, the more difficult it is for your blog to top the list). The Holy Grail would be a Googlewhack involving your own blog, but I haven't quite managed that - I have a couple of two-word phrases that return one result, but they fail to qualify on a technicality, sadly (one or both of the words isn't in Google's dictionary).

The strict terms of this particular internet meme say you should list five entries only, but I say bugger it, I'll do as many as I like. Feel free to pick your favourite five if you like. The rules also don't seem to explicitly disallow quoted strings, but this seems like cheating to me, so I haven't done it. Here we go:
Of course the very act of compiling this sort of listing changes the Google profile associated with the phrases in question in a quasi-Heisenbergian kind of way, or at least it will once the Google crawlers pick up this page. Hang on - now I can win for "shat chilly Heisenbergian testicle effluvia" as well. Brilliant!

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electrichalibut said...

Done and done. My name's Dave, I'm here all week.