Sunday, October 21, 2007

cheeses H Christ

Our cheese racing exploits in Swanage were of the sadly disappointing variety, caused - I reckon - in the main by the sub-standard quality of the disposable barbecues we used. They were struggling to cook the meat, so there was precious little heat left to incinerate cheese with. In addition to that we'd bought a wide variety of experimental cheese products (as pictured on the left), which may have muddied the cheesy waters a bit.

So it's nice to see that there's some really textbook cheese racing video footage out there on YouTube. Check out some of these:
  • Some crazy Americans in a field - this one is already available directly from the website, I think. Excellent deployment of the official Cheese Racing apron, a bit too much focus on the whooping participants and not enough cheese footage in the early stages, but it gets more cheese-centric after a minute or so. And the interviews with the participants are excellent: "Why do you cheese race, Joanie?" "Because I'm from Wisconsin."
  • Some very good footage, apparently from Manchester. Barbecue looks, if anything, a bit too hot, but there's some textbook inflation, plus some excellent pulsating of the victorious cheese at the end.
  • This is an interesting new departure - cheese racing in a toaster oven. But there's no arguing with the results - and the dramatic music (Phantom Of The Opera, I think) adds an extra frisson of tension to the whole thing.

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