Friday, August 31, 2007

well bugger me

While I'm on the subject of Republican morality I must just mention this story in the Independent today, as it was referenced on The Panda's Thumb, by, erm, well, me, apparently. Good to see I'm putting the boot into the right people, even when I don't know I'm doing it.

The story also has all the classic elements of a Republico-conservo-religious scandal: respectable middle-aged pillar of the community, church-goer, family man, etc. etc. getting up to some really top-quality squalid furtive homosexual activity. Not that there's anything squalid per se about rampant gay sex, unless of course your whole political career and religious belief system is based on denouncing it as wrong and sinful. Ted Haggard and Mark Foley deserve honourable (if that's the word) mentions here as well.


The Black Rabbit said...

You'll be pleased to know then, that I'm considering joining the Sauniere society...
If only to see what the "pyramidiots" make of a lot of things which have intrigued me.

I'll let youz know how it goes. I'm sure you'll be innnnnderested!

electrichalibut said...

That's a new one on me, but now I've had a look....oh Christ: the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians - it's the Da Vinci Code, isn't it? Just be careful you don't start KNOWING TOO MUCH, or they'll send some albino killer mink to nail you to the floor in a cathedral.

Meanwhile I'm off to dowse for some ley lines.

electrichalibut said...

Ha! An albino killer mink is a great idea, but I meant monk. Far more dangerous. Though less likely to run up your trouser leg.

The Black Rabbit said...

Well, strictly speaking it isn't the Da Vinci Code.
But I suppose it appears similar, to the "un-enlightened". (That's YOUZ by the way)!

I'm actually more interested in the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten (always found that part of ancient history fascinating), and not really in the way most "pyramidiots" are interested in it. Innit.

I wonder though if you found the only joke on the sauniere society's website? About atheism.
Hur hur...

The Black Rabbit said...

I'm typing this in the spare room by the way, overlooking the back garden, with the window open.

Just seen a large, very white mustelid skulking around the back fence... looking at me with its glowing red eyes...

Hold on..
its coming this way?!
Its running towards me!
Quick! Shut the window!!!

(gurgle, howl, gurgle, gasp, splutter etc... etc...)

electrichalibut said...

Well, there's a heck of a lot of stuff about Rennes-le-Chateau on their website, and that is the Da Vinci Code, though I note they're careful not to mention The Priory of Sion any more now that it's generally accepted to ba a 1950s hoax. They still bang on about Henry Lincoln a lot, though, which doesn't do them any favours credibility-wise.

Ancient Egypt - fascinating subject; no arguments there. Though I found almost nothing about it on the SS website. And no, I didn't find the joke, but reading a couple of the articles made my brain start to bleed, so I may have missed it.

I'll tell you what is genuinely interesting about all this, and that's what it reveals about the evolution of pattern recognition etc. in humans, i.e. that it's better to evolve a brain which throws up a few false positives than one which throws up false negatives, e.g. failing to associate the rustling in the undergrowth near your cave with being eaten by a sabre-toothed tiger shortly afterwards.

If you do find that measuring the distance between French cathedrals reveals the immimence of the Rapture, though, then I trust you'll let me know so I can get my tin hat on.

The Black Rabbit said...

I know the Rennes le chateau story pretty well mon ami, and the PS hoax, and quite a bit about Baigent and Lincoln.

Shoit it certainly is (in the main), but it IS a great yarn. At least in my eyes.

Yes, "Sauniere soc" WAS started because of the grail legends etc... but as I said, that in't as inderesting as ancient Egypt is to me, especially the period around Akenaten (which my ma knows I've bin bleating on abaat for years).

Joke can be found by clicking on journal, and then atheist at bottom of screen.

The Black Rabbit said...

Didn't fully answer your question.
Found an 'SS meeting' advert in a mag lent to me over the weekend - lots regarding Akhenaten (and the obligatory grail stuff also, of course).