Thursday, August 30, 2007

vote godless bastard in 2008

The Hitch is on a book tour of America in support of his new book, and he's writing about it in his Vanity Fair column, with his usual panache. He does raise one interesting point, among many:
One day a decent candidate for high office will say that he is not a person of faith, and the sky will not fall.
Well, I wonder. My feeling is that that will happen around the same time as the Presidential candidates can have a rational discussion about abortion, something that seems a very long way off indeed. I strongly believe, for instance, that as sparky and intelligent a woman as Hillary Clinton has, in private, no time whatsoever for the sort of irrational horseshit that she's required to pay lip service to in public. One day she will, when asked a question in a candidates' debate regarding "faith", feel free to respond in the appropriate way, i.e. with braying scornful laughter and pointing. I'm not convinced that will happen any time soon, though, but I'm increasingly convinced that those of us not susceptible to the charms of unicorns or the Flying Spaghetti Monster standing up and saying so instead of being so bleedin' polite and tolerant is the best way to speed up the coming of that day.


The Black Rabbit said...

I love the "Flying Spaghetti monster"! Less so "Russell's Teapot" (of the 70's) or the "Invisible Pink Unicorn".

As for being tolerant... (heh heh), we've discussed that in the past!

Call me at your leisure on 0800 C-A-L-M, for your free 'tolerance self-improvement pamphlet', or find my latest coffee-table hardback in the "Mind, Body and Spirit" section of your nearest bookshop.

You know you want to...

electrichalibut said...

Ah, come on, it's been weeks. And it was only a little one. I think maybe the medication is starting to work after all.