Monday, August 27, 2007

grim up north? you decide

It's late, so I'll keep this brief - here are some photos from our trip up north last week, comprising:
A fuller summary of our exciting activities will follow, including some captioning of photos. For the moment: the big ruin in the fog is Whitby Abbey, the big ruin in the sunshine is Rievaulx Abbey. Any other large mossy crumbly ruined structures are probably me.


The Black Rabbit said...

Far from being grim up north your photos prove.
I like the photos of the abbey in the fog - excellent. Also the sheep on t' heather.

Interesting to see that "you nasal" found one of those infuriating round pool tables in a pub (although nowhere near as bad as the 'figure of eight' pool table).

Also interesting to see you seem to be sporting a proud new shining purple... wait for it... wait for it... no, not that, HALO, in photo 13 of the Hull wedding photies.
Who do you fink you are? Simon bleedin' Templar?
Leave it aaaaaaaaaaat.

electrichalibut said...

Well, grim (or at least foggy, though it makes for some interesting photos as you say) the first few days and roasty toasty the rest of the week. Just to recap then, six swings and half a dozen roundabouts.