Tuesday, August 07, 2007

sinking a long one

I played golf this evening up at Woodlands in Bradley Stoke; shot 91 which was pretty good considering I hadn't played since about March. If I'd been able to putt at all and hadn't taken 9 at the last after dumping my second shot in a lake I might even have gone sub-90. Ah well.

I was watching golf at the weekend as well, as it happens, as it was the Women's Open Championship at St. Andrew's. There are a lot of lessons that the struggling amateur can learn from the ladies, not least that you don't have to be a great muscle-bound hulking brute or whack the cover off the ball to hit it a long way; rhythm and technique are far more important.

It's also undoubtedly true that a lot of the ladies do look very decorative in their golfing outfits; Paula Creamer (pictured left), Open champion Lorena Ochoa (pictured above), Karine Icher and the rest. So much so that you do get to feel a bit like you've got a permanent Albert Steptoe leer on your face after a while. I get the same thing watching ladies' tennis.


The Black Rabbit said...

Regarding golf scores...
"If this".
"But for that"...

Ah yes, the golfers post-round dissection. How I miss it!

electrichalibut said...

Yeah, I know. I blame the pitch bleedin' darkness on the last hole. We'll have to start earlier next time.

The Silver Fox took some amusing digital videos of our golf swings during the round. I might stick a couple of links up in a blog post, just to give you a laugh.