Friday, August 31, 2007

do as they say, not as they do

Just a brief postscript to my vaguely US election-flavoured ramblings earlier - this Doonesbury cartoon from a few months back, which makes an obvious but worthwhile point about the Republicans' usual claim to be the party of aw-shucks honest-to-goodness downhome rootsy morality (religiously-derived in most cases, or so they would claim anyway).

And before we Brits start getting too smug and superior about it, David Cameron's latest musings on the subject of Family Values reveal a similar hardcore right-wing set of policies lurking under that cuddly "call me Dave" exterior. Gradually the matey disguise is peeling away to reveal the green scaly jackbooted sabre-toothed lizard beneath. Which is all quite amusing on one level, but let's not forget this bloke could, in a sequence of events I hope fervently will never come to pass, be Prime Minister of this country by 2009 or so.

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