Friday, August 17, 2007

this is my last blog post

....for a week and a bit anyway, as Hazel and I are off on holiday for a week and I don't anticipate having internet access. We're off to Yorkshire, mainly camping on or near the North York Moors but starting off in Hull on Saturday - not because it's a spot of great touristic importance, but because we're going to a wedding there. Though it does have the Humber Bridge which is interesting if you like huge man-made engineering structures (and who doesn't?). Interesting related fact: it's entirely incorrect to refer to the "River Humber" as there is no such thing. The Humber is specifically the estuary formed from the outflow of the rivers Ouse, Trent and Hull (and a few smaller insignificant dribbly ones). So you can say "the Humber" or "the Humber estuary" but never "the River Humber". Remember that.

I'm trying to persuade Hazel that we need to detour between Hull and the moors to visit Spurn Head as I've always found it completely fascinating. I'm not sure she's entirely convinced. Seems to me like an excellent place to blow away a hangover, as well as hats, outer layers of skin, etc.

Photos and more detailed reports on places of interest to follow when I get back after the Bank Holiday.

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Bah humber!