Wednesday, July 07, 2010

momentous news II

I feel obliged to re-use the title I used for the blog post I wrote just after passing my driving test a couple of years ago; this isn't perhaps quite so obviously life-changing, but it's a weight off the shoulders nonetheless.

We went and played golf after work today at Woodlands on the outskirts of Bristol; as I alluded to here I'd never broken 90 on a "proper" course before today. Well, no longer: I went round in 87 today. Very much a game of two halves; I went out in a scarcely credible three-over-par 38 which would have been even better had I not taken six on the par-three ninth, and came back in a more typical 49 which included a desperately nervy quadruple-bogey eight on the 18th. Lucky I had a few shots in hand.

Conditions were a bit of a mixed blessing: very dry fairways so you could take an iron off most tees (I didn't get a wooden club out of the bag once during the round) but also quite windy, in your face for most of the back nine.

Here's the scorecard (that's me in column B):

Just for info, normal circles denote pars, squiggly circles denote birdies. For the record the distribution in my round was: 3 birdies, 5 pars, 5 bogeys, 1 double bogey, 3 triple bogeys and one quadruple bogey. So there's still plenty of room for improvement.

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