Monday, July 05, 2010

don't mention the massacre; I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it

I have a couple of life-enriching snippets of mainly pub-related information to pass on to you, so here they are:
  • This was all prompted by seeing the Independent's list of the 50 Best Country Pubs and noticing the Clachaig Inn at number 25 - note that they're in no particular order as far as I can tell. The Clachaig is in Glencoe (here, in fact) and we went there a couple of times during our recent trip to Scotland to rehydrate after a day's climbing nearby.
  • Not strictly pub-related, but just to save having to do another Scottish post: here's where we stayed, or if you prefer here's where it is on a map.
  • Note the amusing plaque (reproduced below) on the reception desk at the Clachaig: people in Glencoe have long memories, it appears. As it happens I have some Campbell ancestry, but I felt it best to keep it under my hat just in case this seemingly humorous sign turned out to be serious, and thereby compromised my chances of getting a drink (far more important than upholding family loyalty I'm sure you'll agree). I duly went on to brutally MASSACRE a couple of pints and a couple of pork chops.

  • The Clachaig seems to be affiliated in some way with the Grog & Gruel alehouse in Fort William, which we also visited. Both places do good food and have an excellent range of local real ales - the An Teallach Brewhouse Special is particularly good.
  • Rather shamefully I've only been to two of the pubs on the Indy's list, the other one being the excellent Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel, handily located at the bottom of the Llanberis pass, right at the foot of Snowdon. Another excellent spot for post-mountaineering refreshment; they usually have pretty good draught Bass, not to mention a pair of Sir Edmund Hillary's boots in a glass case above the bar.
  • I would note also that it seems to me to be a travesty that the legendary Square and Compass in Worth Matravers doesn't make the list. I also used to have a bit of a soft spot for the Bell in Aldworth, back when I used to live in Newbury.
  • The Clachaig also have a blog, the latest entry in which is an acknowledgement of their own appearance in the list. And so the wheel comes full circle, etc. etc.

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