Monday, July 26, 2010

coincidence - OR IS IT?!? yes; yes it is

Here's a couple of things you might find spookily coincidental, if you were inclined to that sort of feeble-minded nonsense:

Andy and I were loitering round the kitchen area at work earlier having a cursory look at the bookshelf where we run a sort of half-hearted office swap-shop thing, and noticed that one of the books was a slim volume containing the screenplay to the classic 1971 film Get Carter. Among the inevitable appalling Michael Caine impressions and slagging off of the 2000 Sly Stallone remake that followed we were reminiscing about the famous scene where Carter throws Coronation Street's Alf Roberts off the top of a multi-storey car park (about 2 minutes into this amusingly-narrated trailer) and the furore that erupted among film nerds when the area in Gateshead it occupies in real life was scheduled for demolition. Well, it turns out that that demolition work commenced this very day. Spooky. Except that it isn't.

Next, many thanks to my Facebook buddies Gareth and Pippa, both of whom saw fit to send me this link to an amusing parody of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' Empire State Of Mind, which substitutes - wait for it - "Newport" for "New York" throughout. Now I was going to pick them up for a bit of an inaccuracy in their assertion that you could "head over the water, on the Transporter", since it's been closed to the public since early 2008. But then I read this and this and it appears that following an extensive programme of renovation and repair the bridge will be restored to full working order at an opening ceremony this very Friday. Coincidence? Or is it perhaps something more? The no.

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