Tuesday, June 30, 2009

google street view - for all your internet stalking needs

Brief follow-up to one recent and one not-so-recent blog post:

Firstly, you may remember my trip to Cardiff back in December 2006, and the detour I made to look for my grandmother's old house in Whitchurch. (I'm reminded of this by my reference to childhood trips to Cardiff in my last post.) Well, it turns out, slightly gallingly, that the photo I took and included in that post was actually of the wrong house - the right house was two doors further back up the street (i.e. slightly behind me and to my left as I took the photo).

Luckily Google Street View has now expanded as far as Cardiff, so I can now locate the correct house without even leaving my chair. And here it is. That one does look slightly more familiar, now I think about it.

Secondly, I finally broached the bottle of Highland Park I bought a few weeks back, and the verdict is: it's very nice. Not dissimilar to its predecessor, the Macallan, in that it's quite rich and dark (this is largely down to both whiskies being matured in sherry casks, rather than the bourbon casks used for a lot of single malts), but different in that it's slightly less sweet and more smoky (though not as overpoweringly so as the Ardbeg). I think on balance this is the best one I've tried yet, though of course the sample size so far is absurdly tiny.


Emma said...

Blimey. You can actually see the actual house. How freakishly freakish.

electrichalibut said...

Weird, isn't it? Apparently a few people have contacted Google and demanded that they be blanked out of Street View images, on the grounds that they were pictured doing things they shouldn't have been doing, like emerging from sex shops, etc.