Monday, June 08, 2009

celebrity lookeylikeys of the day

My inspiration today comes from the top news events of the past week or so. Firstly, Apprentice runner-up and Brummie temptress Kate Walsh and ex-All Saint (and the current Mrs. Liam Gallagher) Nicole Appleton.

Rumours that the winner of The Apprentice was chosen simply by picking the candidate with the largest breasts do a grave disservice to Sir Alan and his team.

Secondly, BNP leader, newly-elected MEP, holocaust denier and boss-eyed fascist Nick Griffin and scrotum-chinned cartoon bozo Peter Griffin. One of these men is a fat drooling brain-dead buffoon fit only for pointing at and laughing. And the other is a cartoon character.

Scary coincidence - I was in Welshpool at the weekend, and it turns out Nick Griffin lives in Welshpool! I don't have his exact address, I'm afraid, but if you do can I suggest that you definitely do not in any way firebomb his house and defecate into the still-smoking embers.

Spooky coincidence #2 - Apprentice winner Yasmina's restaurant is literally just round the corner from my sister's house in Caversham. The food looks nice, though I think Mya Lacarte may well be the worst restaurant name in recorded history.


Emma said...

It is indeed. I've been there once, back in March I think. Don't think I saw Yasmina though her brother was in evidence. They only use locally-sourced produce apparently. I had some sort of fish, presumably fresh out of the canal. Despite that it wasn't bad.

everlands said...

TOP TIP: SciFi buffs who wonder if it would be possible to build a time-machine to go back and kill Hitler *before* he did anything bad, why not just test your theory by killing Griffin [not Peter] now?

electrichalibut said...

Yeah, but then you don't get to drive the DeLorean, with the wires and the lightning and all.

Unknown said...

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