Wednesday, June 24, 2009

would Jew believe it

Couple of things in the news this week which connect to earlier posts:
  • More crazy shenanigans with Jewish Sabbath ritual - this story is about a couple in Bournemouth who have issued a writ against their local council for breaching their human rights by installing an automatic light switch/sensor thingy in the communal area of their flat. To be honest walking through the path of an invisible beam and triggering something sounds, on the face of it, less likely to offend rabbinical lawgivers (or indeed God) than using a kosher telephone, but that's why I'm not a rabbi, I suppose. That and not being very keen on having my foreskin sawed off.
  • More on the Steorn perpetual motion machine - apparently the fundamental laws of thermodynamics aren't going to have to be rewritten just yet. Who knew? More here. Steorn remain bullish about a commercial launch "towards the end of this year". I predict that unforeseen technical difficulties might push that date back a bit. Just a hunch.

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