Monday, June 22, 2009

that'll learn me

Don't diss the big man - no sooner have I had a pop at God in my last couple of posts than he ensures not only that the US Open goes into a fifth day, thus ensuring I'll be at work and can't watch the coverage via my newly installed Virgin Media Sky Sports package, but also that the exciting climactic holes play out while I'm driving home, and also ensuring that my car radio is currently on the blink so I can't even listen to it. He did relent slightly by allowing me to get home in time to see the last two putts, including Lucas Glover's winning one. Cheers.

Nice to see David Duval playing well again - he finished tied for second and could quite easily have won. It's fair to say he's a bit chunkier these days than the finely-honed athlete of ten years ago, but he played very well, and didn't wilt under the unaccustomed pressure on the last day. Just to give you an idea how long it's been, the last time Duval finished ahead of Tiger Woods in a major in which both men played all 72 holes was at The Open at Muirfield in 2002, when Duval was defending the Claret Jug he won at Lytham the previous year.

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