Wednesday, July 01, 2009

franken's time

Remember the US election night? That was fun, wasn't it? And now, a mere eight months later, after several recounts and lots of legal wrangling, Democratic candidate, comedian, author and general troublemaker Al Franken is confirmed as US Senator for Minnesota.

Franken is a guy who inspires amusingly hysterical hatred among the loony right-wing brigade in the US, and loony-in-chief Rush Limbaugh in particular. True to form Limbaugh has already used his hugely popular radio show to compare the (legally required in an election that close) recounts in Minnesota to the recent dubious election results in Iran. Classy. Of course Limbaugh's views on the Franken issue will no doubt be coloured slightly by Franken's 1999 collection of satirical essays entitled Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot, in which Franken asserts that Limbaugh is, among other things, a big fat idiot.


The D said...

Hooray for Franken. One note: He was elected U.S. Senator, not governor of Minnesota. The governor of Minnesota is Tim Pawlenty, who you may (or, more likely, may not) remember as the guy who was stunned to learn that Sarah Palin, not he, would be John McCain's running mate.

electrichalibut said...

Sorry, yes, you're quite right. It even mentions Governor Pawlenty in the blog post I linked to. I blame the excitement, and the drink of course.

Speaking of Palin, more strange developments. I wonder what's going on?