Saturday, December 29, 2007

this future is rubbish - where's my rocket pack?

I know it proves nothing, and the laws of probability say it will happen every so often, but still, it's a bit irritating. You shell out the extra money for an energy-saving light-bulb, and in addition to the metaphorical rosy glow of eco-friendly self-satisfaction you expect to get a non-metaphorical actual glow of light emitted from the bulb for up to ten times longer than a standard filament bulb, like it says on the box.

So you feel slightly cheated when one gives out on you after no more than three or four months. Again, that's not to say that the old-style bulbs didn't occasionally go phut after a tenth of that time (a week and a half or so), particularly in my current flat, which seems to eat light bulbs particularly quickly, but still.

For that reason, and also because I'm moving house fairly soon (I'm having the energy-saving bulb out of the spare room when I go, as well, oh yes), and also just general miserableness, I've replaced it with the standard old-style planet-raping variety. Screw you, Mother Earth!

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