Friday, December 14, 2007

celebrity lookey-likey of the day

I'm going out on a limb a little bit here - probable next England football coach Fabio Capello and restaurateur (and now TV presenter) Heston Blumenthal.

Now I know what you're thinking, and I agree - the hair is a bit of a distraction. Focus instead on the glasses and the slight underbite that gives them both a slightly pugnacious look. Or try this expertly re-haired simulation:


The Black Rabbit said...

I wonder what Heston Blumenthal will be having for his christmas lunch?

Probably grilled leg of guinea fowl complimented by a potassium permanganate coulis, and all drizzled with dry ice.
Not to mention the pheasant ice-cream for pudding.

Words sometimes don't do justice to people like him, but the following one comes close....


electrichalibut said...

I sort of agree. I mean, some of the stuff is quite interesting from a science-y point of view, but it's just a little bit impractical.

"The best way to get your souffle to rise is in a vacuum. And the best place to do that is.....ON THE MOON."

That sort of thing.

And yet still less of a twat than Gary Rhodes.

electrichalibut said...

And I'm not sure the best way to encourage healthier eating habits in a generation brought up on micro-chips and Sunny D is to give them the impression that to produce "proper" grub they'll need access to forty gallons of liquid nitrogen and a hadron collider. I would imagine that might put them off a bit.

The Black Rabbit said...

Do you mean THE ACTUAL Gary Rhodes?

But, anywayz, to be serious again, I think I regard them both in the same sort of light.

They boths seem to take all joy out of cooking, and you'd want to be stuck with neither of them at the bar in the pub.
My own view (and probably all mine) is that Mr.Blumenthal is SOOOOooooo dull, that he's doing the equivalent of wearing a daffy-duck tie to the christmas party, to make up for his inadequacies.
Well, at least his name is interesting I suppose.
I watched him twice on tv. I dont think I'll waste the time again.

As for the science bit - I'd rather keep science and cookery separate bate. Science is for baking, and I'm WELL outta that now too!

Give me Floyd any day!

electrichalibut said...

That's exactly why I steer clear of baking - too much exactitude required with measurement of ingredients, timings, etc.

Whereas with a big stew, say, you can just stand around in the kitchen necking wine and lobbing sausages in from time to time.