Tuesday, December 11, 2007


A couple of interesting articles from the good people at Language Log (link on sidebar on the right): firstly, continuing the general spoilsport-y tone of the bumblebee bit in my previous post, here's a debunking of that widely-used motivational management bollocks about the Chinese word for "crisis" being a combination of the words for "danger" and "opportunity".

More amusingly, and continuing the Chinese theme, here's a good one about amusingly mistranslated signs in public places. It's good to know that even a website as highly educated and erudite as Language Log can produce articles chock-full of swearing. Fuck the certain price of goods!


The Black Rabbit said...

Ginger water?
Fuck that!

electrichalibut said...

We were speculating the other day that maybe it's meant to say "waiter", in which case the sentence takes in a whole new meaning.