Monday, December 10, 2007

Baz knows his onions about films.....and, erm, onions

Did you know Barry Norman had his own brand of pickled onions? Well, it's true. An old family recipe, apparently. Nice to see the jar and website design are in no way trading on his film-related fame. Still, I'm sure they're very nice, if you like pickled onions (and I do), though they'll have to be very good indeed to top the mighty Garner's, the guv'nor of pickled onions.

Famous people branching out into food isn't a new thing, of course, the most famous example probably being Paul Newman and his salad dressing. Well, I say salad dressing (the original recipe stuff is quite nice, by the way), but in fact there's now a bewildering variety of sauces and marinades to be had as well, not to mention lemonade and popcorn, for goodness sake.

And Blur bassist, Fat Les co-founder and former Groucho Club-frequenting showbiz media slag Alex James is launching his own brand of cheese.

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