Monday, June 25, 2007

the obligatory Wimbledon post

Not any in-depth analysis I'm afraid, I just felt inspired to write something after watching the closing stages of today's play in the Henman-Moya match (locked at 2 sets all and 5-all in the fifth when bad light stopped play).

A quick word about Tim Henman. My view of Henman's career is this: he's been, by a huge distance, the best male British tennis player certainly of the open era and probably since the days of Fred Perry, and we should probably appreciate him a bit more than we do, even if he is a bit posh. If his peak years hadn't happened to coincide with those of a certain Pete Sampras I have no doubt he would have won Wimbledon at least once. But 4 Wimbledon semi-finals and one each at the French Open and the US Open, as well as 10 full ATP tour titles and many years in the top 10, is pretty good, especially if you compare it with his predecessors as British #1; I mean, Jeremy Bates? Buster Mottram? He was never in the very top bracket because he could never overpower players with his service the way Sampras could. That isn't necessarily something that rules you out of winning major championships, but it does mean that you have to be an eyes-on-stalks success freak to do it. Jimmy Connors would be the perfect example - no cheap service games for him, but no-one wanted to win more than he did.

Anyway, this year's Wimbledon. Needless to say Federererererer is the overwhelming favourite for the men's singles title, but I have a feeling he might not have things all his own way this year. If I had to guess I would say the likelihood is he'll either slip up against Marat Safin in round 3, or Roddick in the semis or the final, otherwise he'll win. I just have a sneaky feeling it might be Roddick's year, though.

As for the ladies the papers seem to think it's between last year's finalists Justine Henin and Amelie Mauresmo. I think that, as long as she stays fit, Serena Williams is probably the woman to beat, though. At the very least it gives me an excuse to reproduce the picture here. If it's not one of these it'll be one of the Russians, most likely Sharapova or Kuznetsova, though both have been carrying injuries recently.

Centre Court looks a bit weird with the roof off, too, a bit more like the big open arenas at Roland Garros or Flushing Meadow. I'm sure we'll get used to it. Just as long as Cliff doesn't put in an appearance I'll be happy.


The Black Rabbit said...

As I said on "26", Karlovic is the 50-1 longshot for me. Though I've just noticed in the paper that he not only has to play Hewitt and Nalbandian (if the match results fall to plan and seedings), before those two, he also has to play the fourth seed,and another "vitch" - Djokovic.
Mmmm. May have been a bit hasty then.
Cilic is being talked up also this year - certainly has great potential.

I deliberately didn't mention "Tiger Tim" (Grrrr), because I'm sick and tired of the little get, and all the "Henmania" furore that surrounds him.
I hope that Moya takes him out today, so we can all read REAL sports news in our papers over the next 2 weeks.
Sod off back to your mansion, toss-face, and take your miserable family with you.

Henman Hill?

electrichalibut said...

I'm only defending Henman, not the twots who turn out with their Union Jack hats to cheer him on in a slightly embarrassing way, nor the media who splash him all over the back pages.

As for Murray, once he can get through a tournament without breaking his back, or his ankle, or his wrist, then we'll see. And he is phenomenally ugly.

The Black Rabbit said...

Thats a bit strong mate?!
Andy Murray is a PHENOMENON in terms of ugliness?!
Wow. Harsh stuff.
But who notices that anyway? And, more imporantly, who cares?

The fact is he pishes all over Kitten Tim. Who I don't suppose is exactly an oil-painting either?
Correct me if I'm wrong though, won't you?

electrichalibut said...

I noticed. I'm not sure that I care, but it is a fact nonetheless. As is the fact that Roger Federer looks like Quentin Tarantino. Just to add to your entirely accurate Kournikove/Yeltsin observation.