Tuesday, June 05, 2007

just for the halibut

Andy pointed this out to me a while ago, but I'd forgotten about it until someone jogged my memory earlier today - naturally I checked that the domain name was available before I bagged it, but just to be sure I wasn't treading on anyone's toes Andy did a bit of Googling and discovered the fascinating fact that there is such a thing as an Electric Halibut already - it's a bass guitar, manufactured by ESP Guitars (though I can't find it on their website, which suggests that they don't make it any more). More pictures here, though if you're expecting a translation of the Japanese text, don't look at me.

I'd forgotten the name of the manufacturer, so I thought a simple Google search would do it - unfortunately it didn't occur to me that searching on "halibut bass" would just bring back a whole load of fish-related stuff. I managed to find it eventually, though. ESP are catering for the metallic end of the guitar market, by the look of things, including some slightly metalled-up designs clearly inspired by the Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG and Gibson Explorer. I quite like these, but then I'm a sucker for a sunburst finish.

Googling "electric halibut" also reveals this fascinating article about electrocuting fish. Apparently halibut are a species "for which satisfactory killing arrangements do not yet exist". Damn those fiendish halibut!

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