Wednesday, June 06, 2007

deploy the Smite-O-Tron!

This is just great. I'm going to get the Swiss-army-knife-style one from the One-Of-A-Kind section:

What better way to detect the Creator of the universe than with this tool-encrusted Yo-God God Detector?

What indeed.

It does sound a little bit like the sort of device knocked up by Gilbert Ratchet, though. Probably with a big lever on the side, just waiting for someone to trip on a discarded roller-skate and accidentally flick the setting from "Benevolent" to "Vengeful", with hilarious consequences.

Of course if the big G (aka the big J or the big A, depending on your religion) decides to use his omnipotent powers to change the JPEG file above to an animated GIF or some even more awe-inspiring Flash animation with cherubim and seraphim flying around tooting celestial trumpets in the background, and crank the dial across from No to Yes, I'll be left looking slightly foolish, if I haven't already been the recipient of a good hard smiting by then.

Or maybe he won't, just to test my faith.

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