Monday, June 04, 2007

and another thing

Just a quick further point regarding the new albums mentioned in the last paragraphette of my previous post: all the bands mentioned are American, but there does seem to be a bit of an Anglophilic theme to some of them: the White Stripes have a bit of history in this department, what with the cricket bat on the cover of Elephant and all, and they've continued in similar vein on Icky Thump, both with the title (with its echo of The Goodies, among others) and the crazy Pearly King and Queen outfits they're sporting on the cover. Scratch the surface of this particular bizarre London tradition and you'll find that it's All Very Strange Indeed.

Ryan Adams' new album appears to be called Easy Tiger. Unless I'm much mistaken this is an Anglicism as well. Whatever next? The Arctic Monkeys releasing an album called You Ain't From Around Here, Are You, Boy? Or possibly Ain't This One Got A Pretty Mouth? It could happen....

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