Sunday, June 24, 2007

how I loathe that indigo beaver!

ANIMOLOGY: What Animal Are You?
Your Result: Blue Fox

You are the blue fox! A total perfectionist and a true born leader. You can never resist a challenge! Your Soul Mate is the Yellow Trout and you loathe the Indigo Beaver.

Silver and Red Wolf

Teal Cat

Ocre and Gray Dolphin

Gold Falcon

Red Jaguar

Tan Giraffe

Yellow Trout

ANIMOLOGY: What Animal Are You?

Yes, I've taken the survey, and apparently I am a prime example of that well-known animal species the Blue Fox. My primary allegiances are listed above. So I'm fairly indifferent to the Tan Giraffe and the Teal Cat, but me and the Yellow Trout, we're like that. And the Indigo Beaver really gets my Magnolia Goat.

POSTSCRIPT: the red status bars don't seem to come out properly here, but never mind. Have a go and see if you can see what implausibly-coloured animal you are.


The Black Rabbit said...

Was a bit jealous there bate, 'til I did the quiz n all, and found out that I'm also a blue fox.
Is everyone a blue fox?

electrichalibut said...

Yeah, probably. Maybe you have to pretend to be a lady to be a Red Jaguar.

Anonymous said...

well, no actually I'm a silver and red fox. Bro: does that animal actually exist? If anyone is a golden falcon, you are my soul mate. Great quiz for a monday morning.

Anonymous said...

sorry I mean silver and red wolf, I apologise, I wasn't very awake when I did the quiz this morning, and had only had 2 cups of coffee!

electrichalibut said...

POST-POSTSCRIPT: the red bars work OK in Internet Explorer but not in Mozilla Firefox, for reasons I don't care enough about to investigate. If I was a Golden Falcon I would.

The Black Rabbit said...

A teal cat?
A duck cat then.
Easy to remember.

electrichalibut said...

Sounds like we may be getting into the El Pato/El Gato conversation again.

The Black Rabbit said...

I wonder if John Thaw were still alive and he took the animology test" he'd come out as a red jaguar mkII?!


electrichalibut said...

Nah. He'd be Inspector Horse.

electrichalibut said...

"So who murdered this Oxford Don then, Inspector?

Was it the caretaker?"


"Was it the rival for the new professorship?"


"Was it the bitter old Vice-Chancellor?"

[paws ground frenziedly and does a big shit]

"Vice-Chancellor, I arrest you for murder. You do not have to say anything...."

The Black Rabbit said...

Mr.Thomas has escaped again!
And bring the special jacket this time, would you?!