Thursday, June 21, 2007

0.0137 years in Provence

Pictures of my trip to Provence with Hazel and my parents can be found here. We stayed in a very nice property here - nice sunny weather, excellent (and cheap) local wine and goat's cheese. Only blot on the holiday landscape was the shenanigans we had to endure on the trip back - thanks to the exceptional weather in Bristol we had to divert to Bournemouth, sit around in the plane for a while, stand around in the car park for a while, and then be transported to Bristol by coach. Departure time from Marseille - 4pm (Bristol time). Travel time from Marseille to Bournemouth - about 2 hours. Faffing about time at Bournemouth - about 2 and a half hours. Travel time to Bristol - 3 hours. Arrival time at my flat - half past midnight. Ah, modern travel.


Anonymous said...

Did you speak any frog while you were over there? (other than ordering "une bière"?)

electrichalibut said...

Well, a bit. Had an interesting conversation with the proprietor of a restaurant about what was in the little cappucino-y amuse-bouche she'd just given me. I suggested it might be vichyssoise, but apparently it was made from les petits pois. Nice though. And apparently pintade is guinea fowl; also very nice.

But mainly it was very brief conversations about bières and baguettes. I'm too self-conscious about making an arse of myself just to steam in and strike up conversations with people, which of course is what you really need to do to improve.