Thursday, November 30, 2006

such a fine sight to see

Couple of interesting articles in the Independent this week:

  • Joe Queenan's trans-America road trip. Personal highlight: discovering that there's a monument to the Eagles (and "Take It Easy" in particular) in Winslow, Arizona comprising, among other things, a girl (my lord) in a flatbed Ford. Only in America, etc., etc....T-shirts are available, needless to say.

  • One about Sufjan Stevens in today's Independent Music supplement. Some interesting biographical stuff, as well as a plug for his new album, a collection of Christmas-related tunes, both traditional and newly composed. A lot of his stuff straddles the line between over-orchestrated kitsch tweeness and bonkers genius; this one sounds as if it might be a bit fey even for me, though. Any of Illinois (reviewed in a post near here not so long ago), Michigan or The Avalanche would be a better starting point. There doesn't seem to be an online version of this, or I couldn't find it anyway. Pop round and I'll lend you the paper.

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