Wednesday, November 22, 2006

apples part 2

Well, the apples released all of their precious fluid overnight, so it was time to complete the jelly-making process. First a carefully calibrated amount of sugar was added to the apple juice. The juice had gone a bit cloudy, which concerned me slightly, but things were to miraculously sort themselves out later, as you'll see.

While the sugar was dissolving and the liquid coming to the boil, I chopped up some fresh mint.

By the time the liquid was boiling away enough to set, it had miraculously cleared. All that was needed was to skim off the scum that had risen to the top, and bung in the mint.

Then...clean up some spare jars, pour it all in, and stick it in the fridge. And wait for it to set. This is the key to the whole thing, of course; if it doesn't set then I've got a lot of sweet runny apple and mint sauce,
which isn't really what I want.


Anonymous said...

that's weird.
I "released all my precious fluid overnight" also.

electrichalibut said...

That's nice, dear.