Friday, December 01, 2006

lists of the day

Today's list is a short one. Anyone who can find a legitimate third entry for this list wins my undying respect and gratitude.

Two-word answers given to questions by showbiz celebrities which are themselves the names of other showbiz celebrities, whether real or fictional:

When Michael Stipe was asked to explain R.E.M.'s reasons for agreeing to sign a major-label deal with Warner Brothers in 1988, he replied "Bugs Bunny". [Translation: well, artistic freedom, worldwide distribution, etc. etc., obviously, but it was mainly for the money. Does anyone want a go on my new yacht?]

When David Crosby was pulled over by the police in the late 1980's and asked why, among the crack pipes and assorted other drug paraphernalia in his car, he also had a loaded gun on the passenger seat, he replied "John Lennon". [Translation: I'm out of my tiny mind on crack and booze, and I need a liver transplant. Can I have yours?]

Actually, here's another one:

Retaliatory record release naming following an accidental name-drop in the title of an original record release:

Shortly after David Bowie released his album Low in the late 1970's, Nick Lowe responded by releasing an EP called Bowi (pictured).

Following R.E.M's (you can spot the connection) release of their album Green (pictured) in 1989, Chicago-based band Green responded by releasing an album called R.E.M.


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