Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I recently decided (with 3 other fools) to go to Dartmoor in January. Not only to go to Dartmoor, in fact, but to traverse the entire length of Dartmoor in a north-south direction. Which in practical terms means getting a train to Exeter and a bus from Exeter to Okehampton, walking due south-ish across Dartmoor finishing up in Ivybridge, and then getting a train from Ivybridge to Exeter and then home. We reckon we can do it in three days or so over a weekend, i.e. arrive in Okehampton midday-ish on Friday, camp in various inhospitable places Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and make it to Ivybridge midday-ish on Monday.

In preparation for this I've been doing some shopping. I though it might be amusing to share what I've bought over the last few days:

a small 20oz (just under 600g) hatchet for chopping up firewood, beheading fish, maiming sheep, general hand-to-hand combat, etc.

a pair of binoculars for ornithological and stalking purposes

a hip flask for storage of life-giving fluids - haven't decided what yet, probably either port or sloe gin, if my new home-made batch is ready by then

That lot was bought in actual physical shops. I also placed an internet order today with the good people at Warehouse Direct, comprising the following:

  • a small locking pocket knife, ideal for gutting fish, torturing sheep, hand-to-hand combat, etc.

  • 5 bungee cords of assorted lengths
  • 8 mini-karabiners for attaching stuff to my rucksack
  • an 8-metre coil of polypropylene rope in an attractive shade of blue
  • a small-ish tarpaulin
That should do it! Just need to remember the more mundane stuff like a tent, some shoes & socks, etc. and I should be all set to survive with no more than minor limb loss. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Interesting stain on the carpet next to your Binos, Dave.

If I'm not mistaken, the design of the Hatchet's head would make it a Shingling Hatchet. That'll come in handy in the middle of Dartmoor - we could build a Shingled Survival Bivvy. And we could cut the tarp into strips [using the knife] and use it to make a Damp-Proof course.


The Black Rabbit said...

Was going to point that stain out myself...

"man tea" I reckon...

The Black Rabbit said...

just looked at the "Cleveland Steamer" link...


electrichalibut said...

So you'll be trying that this evening, then? You might want to put some sort of floor covering down. That's why I bought the tarp...

I actually think the couple of stains on the lounge carpet (which aren't as noticeable to the naked eye) were there when I moved in, though obviously I recognise the futility of saying this, i.e. no-one will believe me.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe you.

There - you were right. Feel good about that?