Thursday, November 30, 2006

let's rock! and take photographs!

Just a quick one to plug my sister Hannah's latest posting on - this one is a review of the My Chemical Romance gig at the Brixton Academy on November 12th. She just wrote the words for this one, but further examples of her work can be found at the following gig reviews: Kasabian (photos only) and The Raconteurs (words and photos). If anyone wants to offer her a highly-paid photojournalism job, I'll be happy to pass the offer on for only a small cut of the profits.

Not that my endorsement of Hannah's latest work, which is, of course, excellent, constitutes an endorsement of MCR's work in any way. Hannah says: great. I say: ludicrously overblown Kevin The Teenager-style goth nonsense. One-word summaries of the other two bands if you want them - Kasabian: nondescript, The Raconteurs: terrific. But - hey! - make your own mind up.

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