Friday, November 03, 2006

the lovely Hazel

Before I go to bed - a few new photos up on the photo gallery.

A few taken at a night out at Colley's Supper Rooms in Bristol. Nice restaurant; unusual in that it does two set "sittings" a night, so everyone ends up eating at the same time. The food is a little bit on the heavy school-dinners-y side, though, nice though it is, so it does weigh a bit heavy, particularly the next morning. The port we drank after dinner didn't help, either.

A few taken when my new girlfriend Hazel came to visit for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. It is the law in these circumstances that the first tourist-y thing you have to do is the Clifton Suspension Bridge, so we did. Then we went to the Giant's Cave, and thereafter some pubs.

A small selection of the ridiculous number we took at Hazel's friends Maria & Nadeem's wedding last weekend. Very nice venue - St. Audrie's Park in West Quantoxhead up between Bridgwater and Watchet. Tell them I sent you.

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Anonymous said...


You can't have a blog and a girlfriend.

It's just not the done thing. One of them will have to go.

My advice ... keep the one with the biggest tits.