Saturday, January 15, 2011

happy kiloblogiversary to me

Mention of my favourite John Wyndham book The Chrysalids in the last book review reminds me of an interesting bit of trivia I picked up the other day: the song Crown of Creation by seminal late-60s San Francisco hippy anarchists Jefferson Airplane is inspired by the book, to the extent of borrowing great chunks of its lyrics wholesale from the book, as evidenced by this blog post and also this scanned excerpt from my elderly Penguin paperback copy:

That bit turns up about 1:36 into this clip of the Airplane playing Crown of Creation on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in 1968. Now I know what you're thinking: we'll forgive the lovely Grace Slick the white silk pyjamas, but why is she in full blackface make-up? Has she fallen into a vat of warm Marmite, or is that just an inadvertently revealed sex fantasy of mine? Well, I assume it's in connection with the Black Power salute she finishes the song with, a quick go with the Kiwi Parade Gloss round the facial area being the best way to demonstrate solidarity with one's oppressed brethren, apparently. Or to acquire more wives.

Other important news: my blog dashboard thingy tells me that this is my ONE THOUSANDTH BLOG POST since the first one back in the heady days of August 2006. That was 1601 days ago, so that works out at one blog post every 38 hours 25 minutes and 26 seconds. Obviously that's an average, and I tend not to blog while asleep, so there will be peaks and troughs. And here they are in graphically represented form. Firstly by month (click to enlarge):

As you can see my most active blogging months were November 2006 (the winner with a whopping 38 posts), September 2007 (32), October 2009 (31) and November 2007 (30), those being the only months where I've averaged at least one post a day. Here's the yearly breakdown:

What that one reveals is the shocking drop-off in blogging frequency in 2010: a paltry 175 posts, compared to the magnificence of 2007 with a mighty 282 posts and a drop of nearly 27% year-on-year compared with 2009 (239 posts). Must do better.

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