Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What better time to deliver on my implied promise/threat of another haggis recipe than on Burns Night? Well, the morning after Burns Night, technically, but the actual cooking was done last night so I reckon it still counts.

The original bacon recipe was great, but a bit salty. So here's a better idea - first get hold of some of those flat turkey breast steaks. Then make them even thinner and flatter by either (carefully!) slicing them almost through lengthways and opening them up, or bashing them repeatedly with a steak mallet, or (as I did) both.

Then mix up some raw haggis (maybe 60-70g per steak) in a bowl with an egg yolk, some seasoning and a generous dollop of whisky. I stand by my recommendation of MacSween's as the best haggis, but Sainsbury's generally have the bagged Simon Howie ones instead which are pretty good. My advice here is to accidentally overfill the dispensing receptacle (a glass, say) and then be obliged to drink the rest lest the mixture get too soggy. Don't be sloshing your Dalmore 64 in here; a splash of Teacher's will be fine. Then spread it on the turkey steak and carefully roll the whole thing up Swiss roll stylee. Then roll it up again in a bit of foil and pinch the ends up so you've got a giant silver Christmas cracker.

Stick it in the oven at 200C or thereabouts for about 35-40 minutes. Take it out and leave it for 5 minutes. Then slice it up and stick it on the plate. Note that I have cooked the tatties on a non-standard way, as I prefer roasties to mash, and omitted the swede altogether (that's a sort of leek/courgette combo instead), as I prefer sticking spoons in my eye to eating swede. Declaiming all sorts of incomprehensible nonsense in demotic Lowland Scots and playing the bagpipes before tucking in are strictly optional.


The Black Rabbit said...

No melted plastic basin in your haggis??!!! I'll sort that out for you one day.

electrichalibut said...

This isn't another cooking disaster (like the rice/pan incident) that I drunkenly inflicted on you and subsequently forgot about, is it?

The Black Rabbit said...

I thought you knew about this.
I stuck a haggis in a microwave once, to cook quickly.
Considering I needed to keep it moist, I covered it with a flimsy plastic basin.
5 minutes or so (I can't remember- it may have been thirty!) later and I retrievd said haggisage out of the microwave and realised the plastic basin had completely melted into the haggis.
It didnt smell too good, but I was that 'ank marvin, I ate it all in about 20 seconds anyway.

Hasn't done me any harm.
*twitch twitch, vein pulsate*

By the way - the word verificatia thing for this comment is DINARR.
Says it all really.