Wednesday, September 23, 2009

young girl with eyes like potatoes

Sorry for all the interminably long posts recently, by the way. I'll try and throw in a few quickies to make up for it.

Here's one, for instance. Have you heard the new Madonna single? It's called Celebration, and I was slightly taken aback when I first heard it (at some sort of open-air aerobicsathon in a historic square in the centre of Bruges at the weekend - more on that later), as the chorus appears to go something like:
'cos I'm not farting, yeah
could anybody - genital goo
let's get the Scottish, yeah
'cos everybody wants to party with you
Have a listen - starting at about 45 seconds in if you don't want to sit through the whole thing. The "genital goo" (or possibly "genital glue") bit is particularly vivid. Needless to say these aren't the actual lyrics, more's the pity, which are:
'cos I’m gonna party, yeah
'cos anybody just won’t do
Let’s get this started, yeah
'cos everybody wants to party with you
I've submitted my misheard version to the Kiss This Guy database. They've already got a few Madonna ones, including many versions of the first line of La Isla Bonita, though not the one that goes "last night I wanked off some dago", regrettably.

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Anonymous said...

The thing is it doesn't actually sound like "potatoes". The problem is that you expect a rhyme with "San Pedro", and one hasn't come yet. Unfortunately, there's an association between eyes and potatoes (potatoes have eyes). So by the time it gets to "with eyes like", your brain has already inserted "potetoes". I've tested this out with my mother who is not that familiar with Madonna's works, pausing the song after "eyes like", and she said she expected the next word to be "potatoes" but didn't know why. It's arguably not a "misheard" lyric - people aren't actually hearing it wrong; it's an odd rhyming/lyric/musical construction that causes people to expect something that isn't actually there.