Sunday, September 27, 2009

hey, piper - shut it!

Here's an entertaining short film aka long advert about Johnnie Walker whisky (the film is also on the main page of their website) starring Robert Carlyle, who never quite lapses into Begbie and starts nutting and stabbing people the way you expect him to. Anyway, a couple of points of interest:
  • The Johnnie Walker label colour hierarchy goes (in ascending order): Red, Black, Green, Gold, Blue. A bottle of bog-standard Red will set you back around £15, while the premium Blue will cost you upwards of £120.
  • Each slanty label is applied at a slanty angle of exactly 24 degrees.
  • I assume this was one long Steadicam shot. If so (and I suppose it's not impossible that some seamless computer-assisted splicing of several takes was done) then it's very clever. The timing alone must have taken some practice; arriving at the barrels at exactly the right moment to point at them, for instance.
  • The closing credits reveal that it was filmed at Inverlochlarig, which is here. It must have been the long track in the bottom left corner that they used, with Carlyle walking from the corner towards the red circle in the middle. Zoom the map out and pan north slightly and you'll see that the site is about four miles due south of the summit of Stob Binnien, which we were (briefly) on during our Scottish trip a couple of weeks ago. On a clear day you can probably see the valley from the top - the day we were there was far from clear, though, sadly.
  • Inverlochlarig is home to this purveyor of yummy-looking venison and lamb products; they also deliver.


Jann said...

Fewer breakages. FEWER! Almost spoiled the whole thing for me.

Tickled by the credits:
Security - Shug McGurk.

electrichalibut said...

Yeah, I spotted that. Tell you what - you tell him.