Wednesday, September 02, 2009

warning: may contain damp hessian and clock parts

Just to prove the point, here's my Go Ape! certificate of course completion. Notice how it's signed by the Chief Gorilla. Not just any old rank-and-file gorilla, the chief one.

We were originally planning to have a bit of pre-activity lunch in Parkend, where we stopped off on our Forest of Dean cycling trip last May, but there seemed to be some sort of carnival going on, so we bailed out and ended up in The Rising Sun at Moseley Green, which is very nice and only a stone's throw from the Go Ape! site at Mallards Pike Lake.

While toying with the remnants of my cod and chips in the pub garden I got to reading the back of a sachet of mayonnaise, as you do, and it struck me that this particular one carried the biggest and most wide-ranging food disclaimer I'd ever seen. I've captured it below, as well as a self-made version which says essentially the same thing but in slightly different words. See if you can tell which is which.

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