Saturday, September 26, 2009


Sad news this week as Cockney - if you will, Rockney - music duo Chas and Dave announce that they're splitting up. Yeah, I know, I assumed they had already split up back in about 1985 as well, but apparently not.

Anyway, by way of a tribute I'm drinking a beer that I got out of the sideboard here; I also offer you this link to them performing Rabbit back in 1981, and also this animated GIF which is a visual representation of the brief zoology lesson offered at the end of the song.


nicola said...

snooker loopy nuts are we
me and him and them and me
we'll show you what we can do
with a load of balls and a snooker cue...
(obviously I'd choose this song)

electrichalibut said...

You know, I had fond memories of Snooker Loopy, and then I watched it on YouTube and remembered what a horrible lumbering dirge of a song it was. Never go back. Dennis Taylor hitting a ball into Chas's pint is pretty good, though.