Thursday, September 24, 2009

my sainted aunt

It occurred to me while I was sitting on the sunny terrace outside the Betjeman Arms at St. Pancras International station last Friday waiting to catch the Eurostar to Brussels (and quaffing an excellent pint of their Betjeman Ale, brewed exclusively for them by Sharp's) that despite the name being dulled by over-familiarity there must actually at one time have been a bloke called St. Pancras. Not a stunningly perspicacious insight, I'll grant you, but it (plus yesterday's Scottish football team list) set me to thinking about other things (places, mainly) that are so familiar you might almost forget they are named after actual people (or, in a lot of cases, actual mythical people). Here's a few:
Just working through the villages in Cornwall named after saints could keep you occupied for days. I think it's a Celtic thing. Maybe there's a travelogue-stylee TV series in it?

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