Sunday, April 10, 2011

dogs must be carried on escalator

Spotted while driving from Usk to Pontypool yesterday - a new entry in the series Amusing Road Sign Noun/Verb Confusion.

This one said "Badgers for 2 miles". Unfortunately the Google Streetviewmobile was between photos when it passed it, so this slightly blurry image is the best I can do; you can just about make it out though. The one pictured on the left is apparently near Nantwich in Cheshire.

Other honourable mentions in this series include the more widespread "Humps for 200 yards", venerable comedy classic "HEAVY PLANT CROSSING", and one (pictured on the right) that will only make sense if, as Doug and I did, you shared a flat for a year with a bloke whose surname was Rumble, and who you would on no account have wanted to see naked.

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