Friday, April 23, 2010

parking fine! well that's all right then

Anyone regularly leaving the M5 at junction 16 as I do will know that there is currently a certain amount of seemingly purposeless digging and traffic cone activity at the Aztec West roundabout, and a corresponding reduction in the number of usable lanes. All the more surprising, then, to see a sign very like the one reproduced on the left here as I left the motorway. The irony was positively Morissettian.

That might in itself not be worthy of mention were it not for the coincidental fact that not 24 hours earlier I'd seen a link posted on Facebook to this lengthy list of similar amusing road signs and vaguely related stuff. Enjoy.


The Black Rabbit said...

Or see a real (not photoshopped) road sign created by me.

Next time it'll be STOP! Hey, what's that sound? Everybody look whats going down.

electrichalibut said...

Or "STOP in the name of love".
Or "Don't STOP me now".

It's still hard to beat the real-life stuff like "Dogs must be carried on escalator", or "Helmets must be worn". Yowch.