Wednesday, March 21, 2007

some more photos

Some more photo antics captured in the gallery, including:
  • Some photos from up at my parents' place in Herefordshire back in February. As you'll see this is the weekend when we had all that snow - about a foot of it up on the Welsh border, which was just begging to be made into a snowman. So we did. Also - the original plan was to clear out Dad's pond of all the accumulated weed and gunk and dead cats that had ended up in it; the snow made this impossible, but I felt it would be churlish not to model the full-length pair of waders that had been hired for the occasion. Just a touch of the Wallace & Gromit Wrong Trousers about the whole thing, I think - see what you reckon.
  • A few from my friends Hayley and James's wedding, also in February. You'll notice these photos are in two sections: some professional-looking black and white ones, which were taken by an actual professional (i.e. Hazel), and some drunkenly amateurish colour ones, which were taken by a drunken amateur (i.e. me).
  • A few from when Hazel and I went down to Bournemouth to do a preliminary photo-shoot in advance of Hazel photographing her friends Hannah and Mark's wedding in May.
  • Some from last weekend's Six Nations rugby showdown, including Wales' glorious 27-18 win over England. Most of these were taken in the Poets' Corner pub in Roath, Cardiff, except of course the ones which were clearly taken at the seaside; these were taken in Penarth the following day. The one on the right is the first in a sequence of (from left to right) Doug, Anna and me doing (badly) the Morecambe & Wise end-of-show going-off-stage dance. Click here for an amusing animated GIF version.

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Andy said...

That animated gif is the funniest thing I've seen all day. But then again, it is only about 6 minutes past midnight by my watch.